Bare, unpainted walls can create a cold and uninviting appearance. The same can be said with windows that have no blinds or drapes. Custom window treatments add elegance and attractiveness to your home. They also bring allure and softness to a room. Refresh and update your windows with a new, relaxing look by changing the window treatments every once in a while. If you’re from Newbury Park or any of its surrounding areas, and are in need of window treatments Newbury Park services, give Newbury Park Reupholstery a call.

Window treatments are necessary as they provide privacy, make it easy to adjust the lighting, and assist in maintaining a steady temperature. With over three decades of practical experience and knowledge, Newbury Park Reupholstery is the go-to provider of custom window treatments in the area. We are trusted by many because we only use the best materials to create tailor-made window treatments and furniture upholstery.

Our team of skilled designers is capable of handling different styles and designs for treatments: from classic to contemporary and everything in between. Our showroom and workroom are excellent sources of style and inspiration for our clients, thanks to the wide variety of fabrics and materials we offer.

There are different types of window treatments, and at times, choosing the right one for your home or office can be can be confusing. To help you determine the right type, I’ll list some of the custom window treatments Newbury Park service we offer, and why they’re popular among our clients.Window Treatments Newbury Park

Curtains are among the most common types of window treatments. They are generally used at home, but more and more establishments use curtains to jazz up their place or to create a homey atmosphere. Curtains are typically seen in a kitchen or a bedroom. Custom curtains can be made using different fabrics, colors, textures, styles, and patterns. In most cases, they are created with lightweight fabric that dangles from a curtain rod using curtain rings.

Our window treatments Newbury Park service for curtains is wide-ranging. You can choose any design, style or pattern you want. With curtains, the sky is the limit. When we customize curtains, we make sure they’re versatile so you can hang them as is or tie them back to create a different look and bring in some natural light.

Drapes are curtain-like window treatments. The only difference between the two is the fabric. While curtains are typically made of lightweight material, drapes typically use thick, luxurious fabrics that are lined or pleated. They are hung using a traverse rod with a cord or string so they can be opened or closed smoothly. Drapes tend to be more sophisticated and formal than curtains. They are usually found in the master bedroom or living room.

Cinemas, theaters, and fine-dining restaurants typically hang drapes as well. Newbury Park Reupholstery has an extensive selection of luxurious fabrics specially categorized for drapes. These gorgeous textiles are also available in a variety of colors so you can pick the one that will best suit the interior of your home or office.

Blinds are yet another common window treatment. Most homes have blinds in one or all of their rooms. Blinds are also commonly seen in workplaces. They are preferred by many because they are simple yet effective in providing privacy and blocking out sunlight and nosy neighbors. Blinds have slats or panels that can be tilted to open or close using cords that run through the length of the blinds. Like shades – yet another popular treatment –  window blinds can be pulled up and pulled down.

Most of the time, window blinds are created using hard materials like wood, vinyl or metal. Our window treatments Newbury Park service provides an assortment of resources and supplies for custom blinds. Everything is high-quality and American-made.

Shades are possibly the most popular type of window treatment, thanks to their vast variety of style, color, pattern, and design. They are a top favorite among many of our clients because they are the most versatile window treatment. They complement virtually any decorating theme or style.

The most common type of window shades – and among our window treatments Newbury Park “best sellers” – are Roman shades. They are a length of fabric, tailored to the width of the window, and installed on either a frame or a rod that enables the shade to be drawn up and down using a roller system. Apart from Roman shades, we also do custom bamboo shades, pleated shades, solar shades, motorized shades, and a lot more.

Shutters are charming, old-style window treatments that look exceptionally good in a room with a rustic, cottage or country theme. They are often seen in casual dining establishments, too.  Shutters are normally created from natural or painted wood, which we have an abundance of. If you prefer faux wood, we also carry several brands for that option. While there are a few off-the-rack shutters, this window treatment is mostly made-to-order. Custom shutters guarantee that you get a well-fitted window treatment that will swing open and close without a hitch.  We typically use natural wood tones or paint the shutters white for a more authentic and woodsy look. You may also pick a color from our extensive color chart to fit the look you’re after.

Our window treatments Newbury Park service offers more than just the few I’ve mentioned above. You may visit our showroom and workroom to see the variety of window treatments we customize personally. With over 30 years in the business, we’ve made thousands of window treatments in different styles and designs using different fabrics and materials. I’m confident in saying that all represent the benchmark of a Newbury Park Reupholstery product – outstanding craftsmanship and excellent quality.

Here at Newbury Park Reupholstery, your choices are unlimited. With our commitment to deliver only the best, you can count on us to make your window treatments unique, appealing, and more importantly, long-lasting. Call (805) 499-9563 or email at so we can start planning the window treatment of your dreams!

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