Fabric Store Newbury Park

Fabric Store Newbury Park

Residents of Newbury Park and its surrounding areas can improve their homes with the right furniture fabrics. Custom made upholstery fabrics can make a big difference in accentuating the ambience and style of a space. The task to create a stunning interior is made easier with the help of our fabric store Newbury Park service. With over 100,000 designer fabrics, Newbury Park Reupholstery offers a wide assortment of fabric styles and designs that can define your home.

With over three decades of experience and established trust, Newbury Park Reupholstery is the go-to store of many when it comes to upholstery and window fabrics. Our fabric supply ranges from generic to designer, lightweight to heavy, sheer to rich materials. Both our workroom and showroom house a vast library of fabrics and materials suitable for any kind of furniture or design you can imagine. Our fabric store Newbury Park service includes speaking with our design consultants who are also fabric experts. They can educate you with all you need to know about fabrics, help you choose the right material for your furniture, and teach you how to care for your chosen textile.

Picking the right upholstery fabric is more than just looking at how the material looks and feels. It also covers how it will wear out, how care-intensive it will be, and how to properly clean it to ensure long-lasting use. In other words, fabric is one of the most imperative elements in making any kind of upholstered furniture. It’s also a key deciding factor when shopping for brand new furniture.Fabric Store Newbury Park

Both upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics are under the same category – decorative fabrics. However, they are classified independently depending on the weight of the fabric. For this reason, decorative fabrics also have two types of weights: the upholstery weight and the curtain weight. The weight difference is a result of the application of different fibers and yarns during the manufacturing process. Density is yet another feature of fabric that differentiates the two. Both classifications call for distinct textile product configurations since upholstery machinery is a lot heavier than curtain machinery.

The main objective of upholstery fabric is to meet the requirements of furniture cushions and padding. On the other hand, curtain fabric is free of such burden. In general, curtain fabric just has to be solid. In terms of curtain fabric selection, consumers react based on their preference. Some of our clients choose curtain fabrics with solid textures manufactured from heavy yarn. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that curtain fabric have to be rich or heavy all the time. The change in season and trend normally dictates the choice of curtain fabric.   Ultimately, before determining the style, design, or color of your furniture or curtain, the quality of the fabric should be a priority.

When looking at our fabric store Newbury Park service, you’ll realize the that we don’t just offer different types of fabric. Our expert design consultants will also inform you about the various considerations you must think about before deciding on a fabric. These include suitability to lifestyle, resistance to dirt, stains, abrasion, and sunlight, care and upkeep, and durability.


There are three basic types of fabric we offer to our clients: natural, synthetic, and eco-friendly. Under the three types are hundreds of subtypes and subcategories. I’ll give you a few examples of the most popular fabrics commonly used on upholstery and window coverings:


Natural fabrics are often made of cellulose, plant-based fibers or animal fibers.

Cotton is the most common, useful, and economical natural fabric for interior decoration. It’s light and easy to sew. It also retains artificial colors and holds shape well. Chenille, often referred as the ‘poor man’s velvet’, is often made of silk or wool. Today, cotton can be used to produce chenille. The fabric is great not just for upholstery and coverings, but also as tablecloths.


Gingham is a type of semi-sheer, cotton fabric that originated from India. It’s predominantly red, blue and green with identical stripes that form a checkered pattern. Madras, originally a term to define a red and black checkered cotton fabric, is an inexpensive fabric made from cotton and other natural fibers. The fiber works best for soft draperies, but not upholstery.


Canvas is a whole cotton fabric which typically suits most designs at a very good price. It’s ideal for slipcovers and cushions. Burlap, made of jute, is known for its durability. It has a coarse appearance and is often used for drapes. Denim is a rugged, rough, durable textile that comes in different colors other than the standard blue.


Linen has a charming rumpled look that is suitable for curtains and blinds.  Silk is a sophisticated, luxurious fabric with exceptional texture and shine. It’s perfect for accent drapes, bed sheets and pillows. Velvet, a rich, textural fabric, gives an instant touch of elegance when used for upholstery and drapes.


Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, are a great substitute to scarce and pricy materials.

Alcantara is a composite, versatile Japanese material that is made up of polyester and polyurethane. It is perfect for slipcovers. Textured Satin Naples, made of polyester, has a gorgeous and refined satin-like texture and sheen.  It’s best for draperies, valances, and pillow cases. Rayon is an extremely soft fabric that has a lot of drapes. It’s best for curtains. Suede, soft like a butter, comes in a variety of colors. It’s ideal for upholstery and duvet covers.


Environmentally friendly fabrics are the materials of the future. They come from plants that are grown with zero or minimum use of chemicals. Eco-friendly fabrics include hemp, calico (muslin), organic cotton, bamboo fiber, linen, and nettle fiber.


All of these fabrics and more can be found at Newbury Park Reupholstery. We welcome you to visit our fabric store Newbury Park so you can personally see the thousands of choices at your disposal. Our seasoned artists are happy to answer your questions so you can make informed decisions. We’ll also design upholstered furniture or window coverings based on your preference.


Let your home breathe new life with gorgeous, high-quality fabrics. Call (805)499-9563 for more information!


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