Slipcovers Newbury Park

Slipcovers Newbury Park

If you’re from Newbury Park or its surrounding areas and are looking for a trusted slipcovers Newbury Park provider, go to Newbury Park Reupholstery. We’re the number one provider of custom slipcovers in the region. With our expertise, we can turn your old, worn out furniture into a brand new looking set that will wow your family and guests.

It’s not surprising that many homeowners decide on slipcovers to change the theme or look of their home interior. Unlike buying new furniture, slipping on new covers is an easy, practical, and economical way to update and improve a room. When you want to change decorations to celebrate the holidays or welcome a new season, custom slipcovers are the simplest yet most efficient solution.

You don’t have to break the bank to redecorate your space. Thanks to our slipcovers Newbury Park service, you can get high-quality, well-fitted covers to achieve the theme or look you want. Newbury Park Reupholstery has been doing this for over three decades now. I can guarantee that we can handle whatever design or style of slipcovers you need.

There are many reasons why slipcovers are in demand right now. I believe that the best advantage of slipcovers is simplicity. You can put them on and off a piece of furniture in minutes, which for a lot of busy homeowners is very appealing. Even I like this benefit a lot since I can quickly change slipcovers when the furniture gets dirty because of our pets, or if I accidentally spilled something on it. Stressing over a new sofa when toddlers and pets are around will be a thing of the past. Now, even with rowdy babies and animals, you won’t have a problem keeping your furniture spotless.Slipcovers Newbury Park

Our slipcovers Newbury Park service is the most trusted in the region because we only deliver the best. With over 30 years of practical experience and knowledge, our craftspeople can cater to whatever design or style you want on whatever furniture piece you have. You don’t have to make all the decision making alone. If you’re unsure what type of slipcovers work best for your sofa, our style experts can help you choose the right fabric to match your furniture. We’ll also help you pick the materials that will fit perfectly with the theme or motif you have in mind. This is the perfect solution if you love redecorating, especially during special occasions or holidays. You just have to pull the custom slipcovers out of your cabinet, put them on your furniture, and you’re ready to celebrate.

Slipcovers can be bought in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs, which means everyone can get slipcovers for every piece of furniture they own. But, if you want something more special, custom slipcovers Newbury Park service is what you need. Though it’s pricier than off-the-rack covers, custom ones are a hundred times better. For one, they’ll fit perfectly with your furniture. Our team of experts will measure your furniture pieces for you so we can make the covers well-fitted. Tailor-made, formfitting slipcovers will make your old furniture look brand new. They can instantly change the feel and look of the room for the better.

The best thing about our custom slipcovers Newbury Park service is the quality of fabrics and materials we use. We only work with high-quality fabrics and top-grade materials for our custom pieces. Even the zippers, strings, and elastics we use are of premium quality. Our selection of fabrics may even overwhelm you. If you visit our showroom and workroom, you’ll be surrounded by a vast library of materials you can choose from. Our design team will help you pick the right one to fit whatever theme or style you have in mind. You can find complementing styles and colors for every furniture piece in the house, from your family room sofa to your patio chairs. We also make the slipcovers for specific furniture pieces so you can easily slip the cover to the loveseat and the ottoman. To keep the covers in place, we can attach strings that can be tied together or a back zipper for a more seamless look. If you wish for a material that won’t absorb spilled liquid, we have a range of water-resistant fabrics you can check out.

Home and office furniture can have a worn out look after years of use (and abuse). Eventually, you’ll also get tired of looking at their unappealing appearance. But before thinking about getting rid of these sofas and chairs, opt for custom slipcovers that can change and improve their look without resorting to drastic measures. By using custom, contemporary slipcovers, you can instantly turn a dull-looking couch into more attractive furniture around the house or office. The new slipcovers will also transform the overall look of the room to the next level.

When choosing a slipcover, you’re essentially choosing how to dress up your furniture. Much like how you give thought to the fabric, look, weight, texture, and fit of your dress, you must also give the same considerations to your furniture slipcover. I must also point out that a slipcover is not a miracle solution. It will change the look of your furniture. It is a cosmetic change. However, the feel or the underlying framework won’t be modified. If you have a lumpy sofa or a chair with springs sticking out, getting a new slipcover won’t magically fix the problem. In this scenario, you may want to consider custom upholstery – a service we here at Newbury Park Reupholstery excel at.

That being said, if you have custom slipcovers Newbury Park needs, pick up the phone now and give us a call. Our custom slipcovers are created with lover-locked seams so you can guarantee no fraying, no splitting, and no bursting at the seams. We also provide some fabric allowance for natural shrinkage after several washes. To top it all, when we deliver the slipcovers, you may use them right away. We’ll pre-wash them for you!

For the latest slipcovers design, call Newbury Park Reupholstery at (805)499-9563. Let’s talk!

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