Roman Shades Newbury Park

Roman Shades Newbury Park

Roman Shades Newbury Park

Roman shades Newbury Park local service is one of the most searched in the area. And why not? With their sophisticated poufs of fabric and luxurious appearance, Roman shades are the perfect blend of drapes and blinds. A Roman shade –  a favorite of many of our clients here at Newbury Park Reupholstery – is a simple and practical window treatment that can simultaneously beautify a room and provide privacy from the outside world.

A Roman shade is a piece of pleated fabric that is affixed on top of a window. When the string is drawn, the fabric retracts and folds up in natural interval. Yes, it’s possible to sew Roman shades at home, but it will most likely stretch your mathematical prowess and patience. To achieve the look and feel that you want, the fabric must be well-fitted to the window. The hooks must also be positioned correctly to get the regular interval system in the end.

The same issue can be said with off-the-rack Roman shades. They do not just look generic, you also can’t guarantee they’ll fit the room’s style or theme. If you want well-fitted Roman shades, the best option you have is to hire our custom Roman shades Newbury Park service.

Newbury Park Reupholstery has been around for over 30 years. And among our “best sellers” are custom Roman shades. This window treatment is a crowd favorite because tailor-made shades combine the best elements and hardware that allow individualization of the design. This is something you’ll have a hard time achieving with DIY Roman shades.

Since our custom Roman shades are designed and created one at a time by our skilled craftspeople, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality. All of our custom pieces are made in the US and passed the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ quality control. Every material we use – from fabric to screw – are top-quality. And you can see all of these when you visit our showroom and workroom.Roman Shades Newbury Park

Roman shades in Newbury Park and its surrounding areas are growing in popularity for several reasons. Property owners appreciate the simplicity and efficiency of Roman shades. If you want to let the sunshine in, draw the shades up. If you want more privacy, draw them down. Unlike other window treatments, they present numerous design possibilities: you can choose flat fold, soft fold, hobbled, pleated, open pleated, Austrian, London, or Balloon, among others. In fact, Roman shades are the best option for nearly any style or theme.

Our Roman shades Newbury Park service is more than just creating custom window shades. Our team also provides insights and information about Roman shades so you can make informed decisions. We offer you a variety of Roman shades. For example, the classic Roman shades feature folds that overlap whenever the shades are lowered. On the other hand, the flat Roman shades don’t have any folds when the shades are dropped. Roman shades, when created with a sheer fabric, can create a soft, subtle, soothing lighting – a style well suited for a living room or a home library. Conversely, a more intricate Roman shade with additional fabric at the bottom that can be folded into a particular pattern create a cheerful appearance – a style best seen in a breakfast nook or a teenager’s room.

If you’re trying to beautify your home but still want to go green and save cash, we can also build insulated Roman shades. The best thing about this Roman shades Newbury Park service is it doesn’t sacrifice the design and practicality you get from a typical window shade. Apart from insulation, we deliver our trademark high-standard service where you’ll get all the lighting features and privacy options you want.

Climate change is real. And we take that into consideration when we make custom Roman shades Newbury Park windows. We provide you a wide variety of colors to choose from, so you’re able to protect your home from any weather situation. With our custom insulated Roman shades, you don’t have to worry during the summer AND winter because in either case, you’ll have a secured home. This is thanks to the heat-retaining material from your window treatment. Also, insulated Roman shades can help you save money. If your home is incorrectly sheltered, it’ll eat too much energy and will cause a spike in your electricity bill. With our insulated Roman shades, we can have you effectively protected and help you cut back on your bill.

Our Roman shades Newbury Park service is available in different textures, patterns, and fabrics. Here at Newbury Park Reupholstery, you have the option to choose the cord you want: a clutch cable, a continuous loop cord, or a motorized cord. If you’re only vaguely familiar with these operations, you can trust our people to assist and educate you about them.

For more than three decades, we have established a local business that prides itself on delivering the best personalized, professional service with hands-on design proficiency unrivaled in the custom upholstery industry. We make it a point to work closely with our clients. We value your input and take cues from your design vision. We are in this together because it’ll be you who’ll live with the product we make. And so we ensure that you only get the very best quality regarding craftsmanship and customer care.

We don’t just provide custom Roman shades Newbury Park service, we are the go-to upholstery service provider in Newbury Park and its surrounding areas. We do custom upholstery of both inner and outer furniture and cushions. We also specialize in antique furniture restoration as well as window coverings. We’re basically your one-stop shop for anything related to making your space more beautiful and practical. Also, we provide upholstery and window treatments for both residential and commercial buildings. We are capable of handling window treatments and coverings for high-end businesses like hotels and commercial establishments, like fast-food chains.

Hit your phone and dial (805)499-9563 so we can discuss your Roman shade needs. Or email us through for further questions. We’ll be waiting!

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